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Ask the dietitian series – September 2023

September 1, 2023

In our Ask the dietitian series, dietitians across Canada answer your questions on nutrition and dietary support for individuals and families living with food allergy.

This month, you can get great ideas on lunches and snacks to help you get ready for back-to-school with food allergy, and tips on managing oral allergy syndrome (OAS)/pollen food allergy syndrome (PFAS) and your diet. Also, find allergy-friendly recipes for breakfast and lunch just in time for back-to-school!

What are some allergy-friendly lunch and snack ideas for back-to-school?
What are some allergy-friendly snack ideas for families?
With OAS/PFAS, what do I need to think about from a dietary perspective?

Allergy-friendly recipes for breakfast and lunch

Just in time for back-to-school! Make these delicious and nutritious allergy-friendly recipes created by Amy Chow, a registered dietitian based in Langley, BC.

Check out these milk-free, egg-free and wheat-free recipes for breakfast and lunch.

For more recipes and information on Amy, visit chowdownnutrition.com. You can also check out our kitchen tips and recipes section for more ideas.

Do you have a food allergy-related question you’d like to ask a dietitian in the months to come? If so, send it along to us at info@foodallergycanada.ca. Please note: The dietitians featured in this series answer questions on general topics, please talk to your doctor if you have questions about your own health or the health of your child.

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