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Are you passionate about working in the non-profit sector with the opportunity to make a real impact and improve the quality of life for over 3 million Canadians living with food allergy? If so, we check out the roles below!

Working with us

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Food Allergy Canada is a national non-profit charity and Canada’s leading patient organization committed to educating, supporting, and advocating for over 3 million Canadians living with food allergy. We focus on improving the daily quality of life of individuals and families by providing education and support needed to effectively navigate food allergy, building informed and supportive communities, and acting as the national voice on key advocacy issues.

Current opportunities

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Since 2001, we have worked tirelessly on behalf of millions of Canadians who live with food allergy to improve their quality of life. Some of our notable achievements include:

Meeting with MP Dr. Robert Kitchen
Jennifer, Dr. Upton and Beatrice meeting with MP Dr. Kitchen
  • Launched a National Food Allergy Action Plan to prioritize food allergy within the federal government in 2019
  • Helped secured a second supplier of epinephrine auto-injectors during a crucial shortage period in 2018
  • Improved allergen labelling regulations, for more than a decade we were at the forefront of discussions and meetings with Health Canada and the food industry to improve food allergen labelling which resulted in Health Canada’s updated regulations in 2011
  • Ushering in groundbreaking legislation that protects students at risk of anaphylaxis (Sabrina’s Law – 2005)