You can do some incredible things to raise money for food allergy awareness, education, and advocacy. Find out how you can fundraise!

Group of children holding bake sale with mother smiling to camera.

Active fundraisers in our community

Olivia King and her book

Olivia’s book fundraiser

Olivia recently published her first book, The Adventures of Livie and Pinky, and is donating a portion of her book sales to our organization. Read about her inspiration behind the book and purchase a copy today.

Ruth's snack bag fundraiser

Ruth’s snack bag fundraiser

Ruth designed snack bags to raise awareness and spark conversation about food allergy. Each snack bag is custom-made and lists individual food allergen(s), and with each snack bag sold, a portion of the sales will be donated to Food Allergy Canada.

Teal ribbon keychains

Tiffany’s keychain fundraiser

Tiffany is selling handmade teal ribbon keychains to help raise food allergy awareness. Plus, she’s donating a portion of each sale to Food Allergy Canada.

You can do some incredible things to raise money for food allergy awareness, education, and advocacy. Like setting up a lemonade stand, host a party or bbq cookout, shave your head, teach a class, make jewellery. Anything is possible, and the creativity is endless! What will you choose?

Whether you’re fundraising on your own or with a group, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Check out the many ways you can participate:

WE MAKE IT EASY!, message on whiteboard, smart phone and coffee on tableStart a fundraising campaign

Starting a campaign is as easy as 1-2-3! Discover the 3 easy steps to creating your own fundraiser and the tools and resources we provide.

Young woman standing indoors under colorful confettiCelebration giving

Celebrate your birthday or any special occasion with EchoAge or directly through us.

Hands holding picture frame of couple hugging in front of a vintage carDonate a car

Have your old car help millions of Canadians with food allergy live better!

Get inspired

Check out these inspirational stories of our past fundraisers.

Alyssa & Anita at bakesaleAlyssa and Anita

University students baking up awareness with allergy-friendly bake sale

Danica and Delaney with their braceletsDanica and Delaney

Two sisters sell bracelets to raise funds during Food Allergy Awareness Month

Children participating in the Food Allergy Fun Run fundraiserChildren with Food Allergies Alberta – Education and Support Group

The support group hosted a Food Allergy Fun Run to raise funds and awareness

Ethan packaging his artwork, age 7Ethan

7-year-old Ethan sold his original artwork to raise funds during the Lenten season

Jeannine and NoraJeannine

Food allergy mom Jeannine hosted an ECHOage fundraiser for her daughter’s 2nd birthday

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